The Ins and Outs of Selling Luxury Homes

Trust Our Experience

Get It Right The 1st Time

With the value that a luxury home brings, we understand that it is imperative to set the right strategy the first time.  There are fewer luxury homes and a smaller buyer pool which makes it all the more important that you have the right price, marketing, and agent. We have the experience to guide you through to make the right decisions and get top dollar.

Our Process

Price it correctly

Pricing a high end home can be challenging.  We want to strike a balance between getting top dollar and pricing your home to sell quickly. But finding that number for a home where there are very few comparable sales takes experience and understanding of what luxury buyers are looking for. We will look at unique features of your home, what’s happening in your neighborhood, and price it accordingly.

Prep and Planning

We will bring out the best of your home through staging, storytelling and imagery. We know that showings begin before a potential buyer even enters your home.  We will key in on which parts of your home are best to showcase in person, and which are best to feature in marketing descriptions and imagery.  We will use HD photography, visual tours, and drone services to create marking material that's geared toward luxury buyers.   This creates a custom exposure plan that’s right for your property and helps us secure top dollar for your home.

Be Seen

Once we officially list your home on the market, it’s time to attract as many quality potential buyers as possible.  In our experience, the best path to a strong, speedy offer is exposure through all of the right touchpoints for your specific home, whether that is online, offline or both. 

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